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  • Valve and Connections
    Considerations as to pipeline integrity, future maintenance, corrosion factors, field assembly, weight and safety should be given in determining the method of connecting the valve in the pipeline.
  • Quality Commitment
    Seller will replace without charge or refund the purchase price of products provided by Seller which prove to be defective in material or workmanship, provided in each case that the product is properl..
  • Cautions for Installation and maintenance of ball valve.
    1. to leave the space of rotary position for valve actuator.2. it can not be used for throttling action.3. It should be installed upright if the valves are actuated operated.Nominal pressure: PN1.0-32..
  • Pressure-Temperature Ratings
    Please pay careful attention that the pressure-temperature ratings of a particular valve are in keeping with the requirements of the service. Pay especially careful attention to the packing and gasket..
  • Valve Material
    The following factors should be considered in determining the correct valve material:the medium or media which will be controlled the temperature range of the line medium (media) the pressure range to..
  • How to Specify and Order the Correct Valves
    This is to assist you in choosing the correct valve for a vast number of piping conditions. The Welco product line makes available to you a very broad choice of valves. These valves are described in t..
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